Why plants do not need Soil to grow

It may surprise many of you to find out that plants do not need soil to grow. What plants primarily need to grow is air, water and nutrients. This means soil is not all what it is cracked up to be. Essentially the soil is just a medium for holding up the plants and allowing the roots to pull nutrients through the water.

Hydroponics aka hydroculture (from the greek words hydro water and ponos labor) is a method of growing plants using mineral solutions in water without soil. Plant physiology researchers discovered in the 19th century when the required mineral nutrients are introduced into plants water supply artificially, soil is no longer required for the plant to thrive. Hydroponics or hydroculture is the practice of cultivating plants without the use of soil.

Using Crystal Soil to grow plants and keep cut flowers fresh is therefore a way of furthering the practise of cultivating plants and flowers without soil. However, Crystal Soil comes with many additional benefits. Crystal Soil comes in a range of colours so you can pick out the colours of your choice. Furthermore Crystal Soil is translucent, odourless, bio-degradeble, re-usable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Crystal Soil also reduces watering of your plants and because the crystals release water through its tiny microscopic holes as and when the plants need it plants and flowers are more healthy. Traditional watering of plants leads to overwatering or underwatering.If you over water plants you starve them of oxygen and if you underwater them then they are unable to transport nutrients.

Furthermore, depending on your plants food requirements, you can add feed and fertiliser to the plants when hydrating Crystal Soil.This will ensure Crystal Soil releases feed as well as water when plants require it.

Additional benefits include nutrients being distributed evenly to the roots. Crystal Soil is also free of bugs and insects and no mold or mildew which is typically found in soil is present

It should be noted not all plants can grow in Crystal Soil. Houseplants and flowers that like humidity or the shade will thrive.Plants that prefer direct sun light will not. In general foliage plants that like shade and humidity are most suitable to grow in Crystal Soil.

The first requirement for most herbs is sunshine, therefore do not pot your herbs in Crystal Soil. However, there is nothing to be lost in experimenting. The first rule of thumb is to find out about a plants condition for growth such as lighting, temperature and water requirements and then act accordingly.A good reference guide for plant requirements can be found on my blog. more information please visit our website www.ledgrowlight-aquarium.com.au

All About Hydroponics Kits and its Supplies?

Are you into gardening? If yes, then it becomes very important for you to understand the concept, significance as well as the basics about hydroponics. The word hydroponics refers to a type of indoor gardening that uses hydroponic nutrients instead of soil. And the advantage of doing so is that this nutrient solution provides everything that the plants need to grow healthily. So, if you wish to get started with growing plants hydroponically, then, you should be aware about the several basic types of hydroponics supplies prevalent that can help you with a better plantation.

The hydroponics supplies will definitely vary as per the system that is installed in your garden. Generally, the systems require a reservoir or large basin, along with an aerator and pump to move the solution around and keep it properly oxygenated. The hydroponics supplies may even include a tray or net for holding the plants above the solution. The basic care and precaution that needs to be taken is that the roots must be able to reach the solution without drowning the plant.

The other concern while buying the hydroponics supplies is lighting – be sure to check out all the available lighting options as the goal is to imitate the light of the sun. If you are growing plants that require large amount of sunlight, led grow lights must be your purchase.

Once you decide to use hydroponics for your garden, it is advisable to see all the available hydroponics kits in the market. Taking the advice of the garden expert, you should decide which hydroponics kit will suit your plants the best! It is very essential to get a right one to make your plants grow healthily; hence, a right kind of hydroponics kits contains all that is needed for accommodating the kind of vegetation you want to grow and the conditions as well as the surroundings for the growth of the vegetation.

The hydroponic kits can be used for either outdoor farming or greenhouse and even for in-home gardening as these kits are easily adaptable to all these growing environments. For instance, there are different types of plants with different requirements – like, some plants need deep water culture so that the roots remain suspended in the nutrient rich solution. Hence, this method proves best and perfect for all the small to medium sized vegetation like herbs, small flowers and many more. Thus, hydroponics has overall, proved to be a very successful concept in terms of gardening.

Some Impressive advances in Hydroponics

Hydroponics is growing at an alarming rate in today’s world. People are taking it to all new levels and are taking the basic knowledge that we’ve had and are running with it. From greenhouses to vending machines, the technology is expanding and we are going to cover some of the recent developments and their uses of indoor grow systems.

An increasing number of Mexican states are starting to show interest in high tech greenhouses for exporting vegetables and flowers. Investors are starting to realize that high tech horticulture can earn money and are going at it full force. Estado de Mexico is the largest flower producer inmexicoand make as much money with 5,592 acres of flowers as others have been making with 550,000 acres of corn. They are starting to move into peppers, berries, and soft fruit as well with the new technology which is exciting the locals as this will open up more jobs.

A green house about 125 miles north ofLos Angelesis growing 125 acres of tomatoes in their high tech green houses. Hydroponics is giving the Houweling Nurseries a 20% increase in production per acre and decreasing the quality rejection rate to a mere 2% down from 50% when compared to field grown tomatoes. These facilities are expensive to say the least but the hydroponics allows them to control the growing conditions year round maximizing production. While there is a limited selection of plants able to grow in these environs and the produce isn’t considered organic as they use fertilizer solutions, the plants that can be grown will bring a large increase is supply and profit.

Japanis known as the land of innovation and their expertise it seems doesn’t end in consumer electronics. They have developed a hydroponic vending machine that grows plants without the need for sunlight. These were developed for urban areas where growing fresh vegetables have been an issue. Using 300w led grow light to replicate the light made by the sun, this vending machine labeled as the Chef’s Farm is said to produce 20,000 heads of lettuce a year with 5 separate growing beds per machine. Each bed has separate environmental controls meaning that each bed can grow a different vegetable but lettuce seems to be the most popular at the moment.

Manchesterhas developed a radical plan to solve the world’s food crisis. They are using what is called a vertical farm. They are converting unused office space and buildings into a hydroponic farm in the middle of cities. If this attempt works not only could we grow in urban areas, but instead of taking up massive plots of land, a simple office building could produce very impressive amounts of produce.

These are just a few of the current advances in the field, there are many more around the world. While indoor grow systems may not be the answer to world hunger, it certainly will help the issue. For more info on hydroponics and how indoor grow systems work, please contact our Hydroponics store.

Hydroponic System – Amazing Innovation

Have you seen the new Hydroponic System?  It really is amazing. Featuring a new level of hydroponic system automation, it will revolutionize the indoor growing industry, which itself is growing at a furious rate. Here is some of what it can do to make your growing simpler and more successful.

With this truly unique arrangement of modules, the benefits are many and various. No more tangled roots, for instance or fungus sneaking in where you can’t see it.  The Hydroponic System is much easier to keep clean all around. The air circulation around each plant is also very beneficial.

The Hydroponic System is made up of individual site modules combined with a main controller module. With this you can expand your growing capability from one to twenty modules  per controller. The special ball-and-joint rods link together to keep everything stable. With special flexible UV tubing, pieces can be easily replaced at any time.

On top of this, you have a fully expandable trellis system for your  Hydroponic System that can grow to support plants from one foot to six feet. This means you no longer have to put screws into the ceiling above your Hydroponic System to tie up your plants or risk them falling over ever again. How much easier to deal with and you end up with much less plant damage.

Within the Hydroponic System controller, there is an electronic float valve and water pump to keep the water at the ideal level at all times. Many growers forget to top up the water for their plants. Now this is a problem solved!

The Hydroponic System is so flexible that you can accommodate from four to forty plants and any one time.  You can use any room size available and configure it to fit the space. The Hydroponic System will grow many small six inch plants or larger plants reaching up to six feet. Imagine what can be done with a little imagination.

You can purchase a small Hydroponic System consisting of five units and a controller module for a very reasonable price.

It comes with hydroton, netpots, a complete controller unit, backup reservoir, two water pumps, one air pump, electronic float valve, power supply, two feet tall trellis system per plant, ten feet of latex tubing, organic starter plugs, and wicking material.
I have even seen a Hydroponic System kit that includes a 300W LED grow light. With that you have everything you need to start your indoor garden. Just add seeds and water!

Growing plants indoors for fun and to eat is a growing trend. With all the benefits and features of this  Hydroponic System, I can only see it being so efficient one day that homes will built with a space especially dedicated to growing your vegetables, herbs and flowers. How wonderfully healthy that would be for body and soul.  How could anyone be depressed looking at lush plants growing in their living space? A Hydroponic System in every home is my wish for everyone.

Hydroponic Gardening – Different Forms

Hydroponic gardening is a procedure where plants, whether it be fruit or flowers and vegetables are cultivated in nutrient vitamin alternatives. This signifies that they aren’t grown in the soil, in the ground and don’t depend on sunlight to grow. Rather they grew in tents in the house or even inside the conservatory.

Hydroponic growing is now being widely used worldwide to grow crops. This type of gardening is much cleaner and does not depend on the climate to determine the potency of the produce. For instance when a famine has occurred a cultivator would have only has a weak if yet no yield at all but this procedure of gardening does not depend on water for vegetation since the water employed is recycled, therefore lowering water expenses.

When plants are grown hydroponically there’s a smaller risk of pest attack because there’s no ground pests or insects to dwell a reason that makes hydroponics farming a thoroughly sensible and helpful form of cultivating food.

With hydroponic more vegetation can be produced in a smaller area and doesn’t require the use of a big garden to produce crops. Hydroponic tents can be installed nearly anywhere and are available in various sizes and heights to suit your requirements.

Hydroponic can be employed in built up areas where gardening or farming isn’t feasible and is perfect for over inhabited nations where landscape is restricted.

Though hydroponic farming has great benefits it also needs a lot of care. It also needs special devices such as grow lights.

There’re 4 most commonly employed procedures of hydroponic farming and these include:

* Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) – in this procedure the roots remain damp persistently. The plants grow in conduits where a mineral solution is passed through in regular intervals. However this system will require regular flushing.

* Drip method – this procedure function with a timer that drops nutrient solution to the vegetations at a regular interval. As it’s dripping it supplies fresh nutrients, oxygen and water unlike the Nutrient Film Technique which recycles the same mineral.

*  Ebb & flow – this procedure wash out the plant containers and then permits them to drain which enables oxygen to be nourished to the base of the root. This procedure is also popularly known as flood and drain.

*  Passive system – this is a low maintenance form of hydroponic farming that doesn’t employ timers or pumps. This is a steady form of hydroponic but fits a busy lifestyle.

Veggies and Herbs That Grow in Hydroponic Tents

A survey conducted last year, found that a large number of people in the UK and Ireland are looking to adapt to a style of cooking where food can be sourced directly from the kitchen. In another 30 years, their idea of a green space extends beyond their garden, with the kitchen and garden merging as one. Thanks to the hydroponic technology, this dream isnt unattainable. In fact, of late, the sale of hydroponic grow tents has seen a positive trend.

We arent new to the hydroponics technology; the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, as described by Greek historians Diodorus and Callisthenes describe a garden that modern scientists typify as vertical gardening.

For the uninitiated, the concept of hydroponics is the process of growing plants without the need for soil. Thus, instead of placing plants on a bed of soil, they are placed on a bed of nutrients and supported by water. Because vegetables are grown indoors with the help of an indoor led grow light source, seasonal vegetables including the exotic ones can be grown all year round.

Besides helping gourmet restaurants with a year round supply of fancy ingredients, hydroponics also aims to serves a larger purpose; of helping countries battling a food crisis. For instance, the Child Development Support Corporation, which has a 250 square foot hydroponic garden, where vegetables are grown to be given away for their food pantry program. The technique is known to be very helping in drought conditions to not only feed humans but cattle and other livestock. Forage grown through the hydroponic system is known to be ready for harvesting in as little as a week to 10 days. In places where fertile land seems to be scarce, the technique is known to be used effectively by farmers.

There are several products that help people grow their vegetables through the hydroponic system. From grow lights growing Medical weeds, coir etc. and plant nutrition products.

If youve heard about the technique, but dont quite know how to go about growing vegetables in your kitchen, you can always sign up for the several courses on the internet. Most of them are free and held by people looking to share their knowledge and love for hydroponics.

If the technique were to gain mainstream popularity, growing food would no longer involve going to the local super market. It would just be a case of looking for the freshest of produce from the kitchen!

Hydroponic Tents & Hydroponic Grow Lights

Hydroponics, otherwise known as water culture is a method in which a range of plants are grown under hydroponic lights and hydroponic tents. Instead of employing soil as an agent to offer minerals to the plants, water mixed with nutrients and mineral is utilized as an agent to offer all the essential minerals and nutrients to the plant. Hydroponic farming has seen big progress, particularly in the last few years because of the bigger yield that one was able to obtain while growing the plants under hydroponic lights and hydroponic tents, irrespective of the season and weather conditions.

However, preliminary results that came out in the 90s demonstrated that yields from plant being cultivated under hydroponic lights and hydroponic tents, are not all bigger than the yield from soil-grown plants. When people thought that the hydroponic system is just another joke, there was a crucial breakthrough.

Wake Island, an islet positioned in the North Pacific Ocean was the place where hydroponic had some real victory. The islet had barely any soil to grow plants, and the inhabitants here were able to get great harvest by growing plants hydroponically. One of the most important causes why hydroponic will be a big success in the near future is due to the fact that the farming and his hydroponic famers can know the particular amount of  water they require to employes to grow a plant, unlike growing plants in the soil-based system where they have very less idea regarding the quantity of water to be fed to it.

Since the plants’ roots are under continuous oxygen supply due to the hydroponic solution, the plants are normally much healthier. And, there is a great chance that you can host your entire farming and gardening indoors as the lights required for the plants are supplied by the hydroponic lights and defence for the plants with the assistance of the hydroponic tents. Furthermore, the total farming expenditure less than half of what you invest in soil-farming.

Another  benefit in farming that you have while growing plants in hydroponic tents beneath hydroponic lights is that you can move the tent with least amount of effort and even the water being employed to grow the plants can be recycled. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, hydroponics too. Though the initial set up cost is a bit higher in hydroponic gardening, in the long run it saves you big.

Why use Hydroponics to Grow Plants?

Life today has become quite hectic, and busy schedule leaves you with no time for relieving your stress. Gardening is one of the best ways to lead a stress free and happy life. Hydroponics is the new way of planting beautiful plants at the limited space of your home. Through this technique you don’t have to worry about using soil, which is a necessary for the conventional plantation method. It is indeed the better option for people who love to garden beautiful plants inside their home.

You can now grow different types of vegetables, herbs, and fruits on your personal garden. Usually, the stems of the plants derive its oxygen from the water and soil, and the energy from sunrays. You can buy the hydroponic supplies that will supply the necessary food to the plants, even without soil.

There are many stores that sell such a kit at a reasonably lower price. The kits help in controlling the temperature, water level, carbon-di-oxide, pH, oxygen, and other ingredients that are necessary for healthy growth of the plant. One of the main ingredients of the kit is LED grow lights that play an important role in controlling the light, especially when you are growing it indoors.

If you are planning to own a hydroponic garden then there are few things that you need to consider for the same. Despite the fact that you don’t have to use soils, fertilization is a must. This will provide the plant with enough supplements that is required for its growth. Usually these supplements are available to the plants from sunrays and water.

If you are buying the kit then refer to the user manual which comes along with it. Proper temperature is a must, or else your plant might not grow properly. The LED grow lights the temperature and it can adjust as per different plants requirements. It is equally important to provide enough light to the plant, by ensuring that it is at an appropriate place.

There are different types of LED lights that are available in the market. It is quite essential to choose the better one that will cater to your needs and will provide you better results. The light glows automatically when the light is transferred, and makes it quite conducive for the plant to grow well. Also you need to maintain the humidity, as in hydroponics the plants need little air. When the temperature increases, the air provides enough moisture to the plant thus making it grow properly.

This process of plantation is quite simple and doesn’t need you to be an expert. All you need to do is invest little time to take care of your favorite plants. Also water the plant regularly and supply the right energy that is a must for the growth of the plant. Presently buyers can purchase the kit from online portal where you can check the products sold by different dealers. With basic knowledge and passion towards the growth of the plants you can easily grow one of the best plants in your private garden.

Home Hydroponics For Beginner

Finding the perfect place to call home is just one of the many challenges a new homeowner face. Making the place a perfect one is again another hurdle to make. How to make it perfect you say? Try home hydroponics. No matter the size of your new space, you could very well engage in an urban planting through home hydroponics. What it is and how to go about it will be discussed in this article. So for all those willing to take on this new adventure, then read on.

What is hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a new kind of gardening. Its convenience is way better than traditional gardening. Here are some of the factors that you would need to know to find out its difference with traditional gardening:

1.    Hydroponics does not need a lot of space. Unlike with traditional gardening where space matters for bigger yields, hydroponics just need a simple grow box. Much like a small cabinet to keep your shoes in, this grow box is where you will undertake your very own gardening. With this limited space, you could very well have your gardening even if your place is a small one.

2.    Yields are faster to come by. Yes, with this type of indoor gardening, result is faster. It means quick production and money for you, if you plan to sell your yields. Plants grown with hydroponics yields 50% faster than those plants in soil.

What do you need to start your hydroponic gardening?
First, what you need to know is where to place your grow box. Find a space in your place where it is most convenient for you to take the necessary attention that such kind of gardening needs. Place the grow box with your convenience in mind.

Purchase necessary equipments to begin this new form of gardening:
1.    Grow tent – to officially begin your indoor garden, buy the grow box that would fit in your place. There are so many available grow boxes in the market, it would be easy for you to choose the right one for your place.

2.    Hydroponic Grow Light – lighting is essential in grow boxes since this will assume the role of the sun in providing heat for your plants. Learn more about the different hydroponic lights to guide you in choosing for the right one. You can chose from incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps. If you choose to grow flowering plants and limits your space in the balcony then use the incandescent lamps. These kind of lights produce just enough energy for the plant to grow normally. They are easy to fix and comparatively cheap. If you are just in the starting phase or uses cuttings then use Fluorescent lamps. But if you are more into selling your yields, then choose LED Grow Lights. This type of hydroponic lighting is being used by those individuals who are serious with this kind of gardening.

3.    Nutrients. Plants have lives therefore it needs the necessary nutrients in order to grow and produces for you good yields. Most of these nutrients are dihydrogen phosphate sulphate, magnesium, calcium or potassium and can also be infused with nickel, boron, zinc and more. The kind of nutrients that you will suffuse in your gardening will determine your yields so make sure to know which of these you will be needing.

Now that you know the things to buy in order to start your indoor gardening, start the process and begin achieving yields you will greatly make use of.

Indoor grow for your plants with hydroponic products

Hydroponics has been converting farmers and commercial farming has also been trying out this novel method.An indoor grow method is possible with just a container of water and the addition of specific nutrients and minerals that the plant will need.No soil for these indoor grow plants means that maintenance is reduced and even the use of pesticides and chemicals for weeding and for pests is reduced.These plants require just the right amount of sunlight and heat and grow beautifully in greenhouses.People with small spaces can make use of any tiny space to create a garden for themselves by even having hanging or wall mounted containers.For those growing plants for commercial purposes there are many products available that help in larger scale gardening and all of these are now easily available. This method conserves water as a large supply of water is usually needed to water a large crop and with timers available for the grow tent these help to control the amount of electricity that is consumed.The growing tents also control the temperature inside and this helps the plant in producing a better yield.

There are many sites online from where one can buy these hydroponics products easily. With the growing popularity of the method there are specific hydroponics sites that have all the required products to help you to grow any kind of plants easily.From grow tents that control humidity,temperature, light and heat these are available for both buds as well as for larger plants, LED grow lights to provide controlled lighting and even hydroponics kits. These kits have carbon filters and other odor controlling substances. All orders placed online are delivered home. Browse though the many sites specializing in these products and find out what you require even to start this method.By buying online a buyer has the option to compare the rates, products and services of many companies and can then make an informed decision on the best site to buy from.

Everything required to grow plants hydroponically is available here and one can browse through their detailed site to find the required product. There are growing tents, glow lights, LED aquarium lighting, carbon filters and even kits to choose from.Payments are all secure and every product is quality controlled and checked before shipping. For the best technology in hydroponics visit the site at www.ledgrowlight-aquarium.com.au

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