Indoor Growing Medical Marijuana

Marijuana or Cannabis refers to various types of preparations of Cannabis plants intended for various uses, which includes medicinal purposes. The word marijuana has been derived from mariguana in Mexican Spanish. According to a report by United Nations, Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance across the world. Use of marijuana has been suggested to have taken place as long as third millennium B.C. In the current times, it is used for religious, recreational, spiritual, as well as medicinal purposes. As it is, the possession, sale or use of marijuana preparations consisting of psychoactive cannabinoids was banned in most countries across the globe in early 20th century.

In case you are resident of a country, where Marijuana is not a banned substance, then you may also Grow Marijuana as well. However, when it comes to Grow Marijuana, there are a number of aspects, which you need to consider.

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you wish to grow it indoors or outdoors. In most of the times, people prefer to grow it indoors. This is because growing marijuana indoors has a number of advantages. First of all, you can be assured that no one picks up plants from your garden. Secondly, you can control the amount of water, light and otheraspects, which play a vital role in the growth of the plant. Apart from these there are several advantages of growing marijuana indoors.

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While growing marijuana indoors, there are a number of aspects, which need to be considered. First of all, at least 8 hours of light must be provided to the plant everyday. Once you increase the amount of light, the plants tend to grow faster. As a matter of fact, 16 hours of light a day is suggested to work best for the plants. As it is, the female plants are the ones that are sought after. In order to increase the number of females, the best thing to do, is to disrupt the night cycle through one hour of light. Apart from that, you should also see to it that the walls of the room must be painted in white or are covered with Aluminium foil for reflecting the light. The lights that you use can fluorescent bulbs.

Moreover, the plants must be planted at least 3 feet apart. This is important, because, if you stack them too close, then it will lead to stunted plants. These plants require some water during the growing seasons, but not too much, as too much of water would rot the roots of the plant.

So, now that you know, how to Grow marijuana, its time to get going.

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