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Why buy from us?

* 3-year warranty and 20-day money-back guarantee

* 1 unit order is acceptable, No minimum order

* Fast shipping time,door to door delivery

* Top quality lamps with competitive price

* Live Support service and quick response on customer service

* Variety of LED models for different growing needs

* Special customized items to suit for variety of plants growing/flowering/fruiting

* High intensity of products for Canopy penetration


  Q: Why do I need a LED aquarium light?

A: LED Aquarium Lights is this what we have in store for the future of aquarium lighting systems? Prices as of 2007 are still very high and they will need to drop significantly in price before more hobbyists will transition to them. They offer many advantages over previously mentioned lights. Some of the advantages of LED lights over convential flourescents and metal halides include:

* LED lights run much cooler than standard flourescents and metal halides. 

* LED lights consume less energy than the other lights. 

* LED have a much longer lifespan more than 50,000 hours.

* There is no filament to break, so they could be considered more durable.

* They can be configured in many ways due to their small size. 

* Plug and play, easy installation. 

* Don't need ballasts, starter, reflectors, air-conditioner.


  Q: What's the best LED aquarium light for your aquarium?

A: Once you realized that your aquarium can not do without lighting, the next step would to find the right lighting for your tank. But before purchasing lighting accessories for your aquarium, it is important to know what kind of lighting system best suit your aquarium set-up, and the costs involved.

The three most important criteria in determining the light you need are:

* Lumens per watt

* Energy-saving

* Watts (or watts per gallon, however this term is way over used/simplistic)

More information or questions, please contact us for help.

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    What Do Our Customers Say?
    I wanted to write in and say how much I love your light and to tell you it was worth every penny. Plants look better than ever and I'm saying goodbye to the heat forever!!

    Terry Van

    I am very satisfied with the performance of this light

    Belle Browne

    I can actually watch the growth from the beginning of the day right til the end.. This is some kind of super light i think because I have never seen growth this fast, and not just straight up growth, its amazing how tight the spacing is and the branching is just crazy. This is it ladies and gents...5 Stars!

    Poe Rose

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